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I think In Progress is very much on the mark, but perhaps there's yet another layer of the onion.

Kaere, sounds like we are similar backgrounds when it comes to Catholicism. I don't practice any religion, have studied many of them (East/West.. yes Rumi and Sufism totally appeals). If there was JUST one I had to pick and stay with, it'd be Quakerism.

Then about a year ago, I started also to have all these syncs, signs dreams with Catholic themes, and it was driving me batty. Of all the religions... why THAT one? Seriously, it was starting to feel like Davinci Code.. and I only finally just saw that movie about a month ago.

I just followed and researched and researched quite deeply. I suggest you do the same. This dream is telling you something. I have my own insights, but not conclusions yet. I will give you a few hints to follow:

Bride of Christ
Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi)

That'll get you going. I'm here if you want to correspond as you enter deeper into the matrix.

Don't get too hung up that Catholicism chose you. I think it's more like "this is your culture" ... universe speaks to you in language you understand the best OR... quite possibly... the one you can later speak and translate to others, after you've learned the message you're supposed to deliver.

Good luck, have fun, enjoy the journey.
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