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Originally Posted by Time

Sometimes, we just have random dreams. Yu my have had a conversation abotu catholic/christianity (its the same thing BTW) before bed, or thinking of the ins and outs. You may feel some guilt abotu NOT being caltholic (hows that for a turn around eh! lol) concidering monotheistic religions out number every other denomination in the western world, it plays a part in all our minds, catholic or not.

Weird dream though... lol

FYI - they dont sing the 12 days of christmas in a catholic church for christmas LOL Ive been baptized, communed and confirmed in the roman catholic church ( im sure youve seen in my posts im really non practising but still LOL)

Hi Time, sorry for taking so long to come back to this.

No lol I don't feel guilt about not following any religion. It sounds awful but I kinda view them as "quaint". I mean no disrespect to anyone, please believe me. I was raised without religion for the most part - I did go to Sunday School for some reason (my parents were not religious). I think my mum wanted some time alone and it was a safe place. I did go to a pentecostal church for a year or so - trying to make some friends in the youth group. I didn't take the churchy part very seriously.

Yes, I've been told that the "Christmas" in my dream is not how Catholic's celebrate it.

As it is, some things have been happening that are leading me to discount everything I'm receiving in messages or dreams.

Thanks everyone again for your input and help.

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