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Originally Posted by Lucky 1
I agree that raw meats and dairy could be dangerous from a stand point of bacteria.

I also agree that that many foods are actually more nutritious cooked as heating certain foods releases the nutrients where a human can absorb them.

What I do not agree with is this idea that consuming animal protein has any bad karma attached to fact ...I'd say that millions of people around the world who follow "The Spiritual Path of the hunter" would disagree with this idea entirely and that it goes against the eons of genetic heritage of human beings being the "thinking hunter"
The slaughter is 'bad' karma because it creates violence and is therefore not conducive to meditation and connection to the divine, which is a state of peace and love. To my knowledge ALL food creates karma. It's a matter of choosing those foods that come from sources, 'beings', that have less senses and capacity to experience pain and suffering. While plants may be aware they do not experience life the way animals do.

Lots of people have been on that path. It's rather empirical. Giving up meat is a basic ethic. Meat is also a heavy food, which takes longer to digest, and this means one is more stuck in body consciousness. And to make clear.. this isn't just ''an India thing''. Greek philosophers and various Christian sects throughout history have come to similar observations. And I recognize humans as civilized beings, that’s what we are and to reduce us to hunters in this context makes no sense and won’t even work with 7+ billions of people.

We will always disagree on these things. We start out from a fundamentally different angle and perspective on human nature. You emphasize ''how things are'' from a material point of view whereas I emphasize ''what we can strive to be'' and our unique capacity to practice compassion beyond our own kind. And I start with the notion that we are spiritual beings. So this is probably not going to be fruitful and it will be more pointless debate. I much rather talk about spiritual practices, sharing veg diets (and observations we have while following them) and discuss how we can make the world a better place.
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