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Originally Posted by Zeit08
What are your feelings about this?
Welcome to the forums..

I must say I don't feel that good about what you wrote. Raw meat, eggs, and dairy can all give you disease. They are not safe choices! There's a reason people started to cook it. I'm worried about your weight. 49 kg with 1.83 would make you very underweight and 65 kg I would consider on the edge, but okay I suppose. It does mean you have visible bones but that's up for you to like or not. I don't really understand the fascination for raw diets in general. Some food will be more nutritious when cooked so why go all raw?

Animal food means more negative karma but we can never absolve karma from eating food, but there's a difference in awareness so eating plants is the lesser wrong. I think you were on the track with a normal vegan diet, and if you want animal food you can always go towards vegetarianism. Veganism is likely better though, but the minimum standard is vegetarianism. Often, a lacto-veg diet is preached, but I'm not too sure about eggs myself, especially unfertilized. Going towards raw meat or cooked meat is not gonna be beneficial spiritually. Why not just be a vegan and cook food?
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