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Angel1 raw vegan or raw omnivore

I would love to hear your opinions on this. I come from veganism, where animal food is considered carrying bad karma and eventually is more grounding.

The obvious path was to go raw vegan. So after 2 years of standard vegan, I did it. For more than a year I was raw vegan/fruitarian.

Among the fruitarians, pranic people, breatharians and spiritual gurus, fruits are considered the highest type of food. It elevates you and makes you come closer to the spiritual you.

I am a person that aims to better understand myself, my path, why am I here, etc.. so I care about these topics. The problems with being a fruitarian was my weight. I reached 49kg x 1.83m and even if I was healthy all the time, it just didn't feel right. So since August 2018 I gradually switched from raw vegan to raw animal food diet

Here is the thing: I got back in shape (65kg x 1.83m) and I now I feel the urge to dig into spiritual stuff EVEN MORE So this is my point, the comparison between raw meat/eggs/dairy and raw fruits in these aspects. It is true that meat is heavier (in many ways) than fruits, but still..

All those people aforementioned put MEAT as the first item in the list of GET RID OF if you want to undertake a more spiritual path. My hypothesis is that they consider ONLY cooked meat, and not raw, genuine animal foods.

As a consequence of this, I am pushing my "one meal a day - omad" diet (since raw vegan times) even further. I was eating raw animal foods once a day, and now I desire to decrease the food as source of energy and increase the source from prana/chi

In fact, I am dry fasting with ease for a few days almost every week! I am willing to do even more, I feel that food is not that necessary. The days when I decide to eat, I am not counting calories and stuff, I just bless my food and eat until I feel satisfied. And I guess is below the "standard recommended amount of calories".

What are your feelings about this?
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