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Originally Posted by SlayerOfLight
Haven't seen or met a single one here, so I believe it's safe to assume that there's no such thing as faes or fairies at all.

As I understand it, fae folk originate from an alternate realm, and some choose to reincarnate on our plane to have a human experience and learn/achieve soul growth the same as those not from the fae realm do. So we as reincarnated humans on the earth plane may have originated from the fae realm and are here in human bodies. While fairies do very much exist, and do appear to and even guide some humans, the donít manifest as humans in a physical way. Meaning, you wonít see any human sized people walking around with ďelf earsĒ due to being a fairy, but more likely due to a unique physical feature (whether cosmetically engineered or via physical abnormality.) This is what Iíve learned from reading on the subject of fairies, and my own personal experiences.
But I realize and deduce from the spirit of your comment that perhaps youíll have to warm up to the idea, I know I did. But hey, being open and acknowledging just how much we donít know is the mark of being wise, no?
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