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List of different types of Spirits?

I remember when I was really young being tormented by seeing 'monsters', and hearing 'voices'. Due to my extreme fear, as well as being raised in a very strict fundamentalist religious household where such things were shameful to even talk about, I at some point closed myself off to picking up these subtle senses entirely.

However now, I'm trying to rekindle what was once lost to me and even make it 1000x stronger. Yet I'm still not %100 sure what to expect to see. I'm literally going at this blind.

So to begin, I'm wondering if any of you could help give me a rundown of all the different types of spirits there are, and their general behavior/temperament (if there even is a list and if that's possible), or if you could direct me to some resources where I could find out.

I guess I'm looking for a bestiary of spirits so to speak.

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