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Originally Posted by Spiritlite
I know someone here does! He told me about it helping anxiety etc. So I bought a bottle and am starting.
Has anyone had any experience with this herb.
From what I'm reading it really helps with soothing the nervous system, and some research says is as effective as prescribed tranquilizers. But I'm wondering if it takes a while to work with anxiety or is it felt immedietly after taking?
This looks like a wonderful herb with many wonderful benefits including helping the immune system.

You will feel its effects long term and notice little immediately. Like Ginseng it is an "adaptogen", it helps the body adjust to the stress of daily life. It should be taken two months on and two weeks off. The body can produce all it needs and this herb will help to program the cellular memory.

For quicker effects with anxiety, add:
Valerian Root
Lemon Balm
These two work fast on the nerves and lower the blood pressure.

To aid in the depressed mood which comes with anxiety:
Rhodiola Root Extract
St. John's Wort(wort means herb)
Omega 3's (DHA and EPA)Daily exercise and walks in nature.
A diet rich in colorful plants, vegetables and fruits.

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