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Originally Posted by moonincancer
Fairy Crystal
7 Pentacles
Time for patience and planning. Rest, assess and rethink what is in front of you. Wait before going ahead with further plans and keep in mind what has actually worked for you in the past. I also get that any obstacles and challenges right now shall prove great learning experiences to get you to the top of the game.
What is the outlook for my love life in the next six months?
Thank you so much!
For you I got King of Chalices, I see him as abundance (Green Witch), as in lots of dating opportunities and prospects. But since it can also be a loving man, I drew another card, Justice 11: Can also mean you find someone who ticks all your boxes, but I feel it's more you going out there and having fun dating plenty of potentially good guys, knowing what you want and not settling for less. (so not finding him just yet, but you are getting closer.)

If I can keep a steady line with Abraham Hicks/Law of Attraction, what will that bring me first and foremost?
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