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This is Monty Roberts training a horse that knows nothing. I couldn't watch the entire video as I'm having issue with a device.

You can see the difference between training an uneducated horse to one that has more experience. After watching Bruce a couple of times (thank you device for working on that one), I have only one thing to say...the reins are too long so would be better if he shortened up on them. If he had an unruly horse, he'd be in a lot of trouble. A rider's arms should have elbows tucked in to the waist and the forearms out, forming an L. Hands should remain in that area, never moving up towards your chest. As long as a rider's arms are L, the hands can go out to the side but only if training a horse. In the show ring, judges like to see quiet hands which Bruce doesn't have on this video. They also want to see the least amount of movement from a rider, the cues should be barely noticeable. The only times cues should be exaggerated is when training a horse. Once the horse understands the obvious, then make the cues less and less obvious.

As for the legs, one controls the horse from the calves up. No kicking the horse on the side and toes pointed forward with heels down. It's that way for safety and making a longer leg for the person for best control of the horse.

So that's a mini lesson, lol
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