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Originally Posted by Gem
Indeed "Free yourself up a bit and make meditation a part of organising your life... This way of looking at your life, externally and internally, is the essence of meditation." do.

This has been a good discussion…..mainly about techniques that are beneficial and instructive. I will digress some from this tenor and respond to what I highlighted. Perhaps everything, including techniques, flows from 2 basic questions: Why meditate ? …..and….What is meditation ? FYI I come from a Christian perspective. My answer for the ‘why’ was the perception that something was missing in my life. Initially perhaps I was drawn to the shiny objects….peace, visions, dramatic and surreal experiences, etc. This changed over time. Now I can better answer the ‘what’.

Now my simple answer for the ‘what’ is to say that meditation is a spiritual operation. The Spirit is the doctor. The doctor must be able to work unimpeded. For this to be possible self-sedation is necessary. For me this means total surrender…..thoughts, emotions, feelings, experiences, etc. I approach the operation not as one seeking to be repaired to any former state but, rather, as one seeking to become a new man. It is the anticipation and hope for a spiritual birth.

This ‘operation’ can be deemed successful to the extent that I can begin to receive the blessings of the Beatitudes. This can only be a gradual process that manifests over time. The ‘old man’ was a result of many things: culture, experiences, thoughts, desires, emotions, abilities…whatever….:). The new will be a composite of these same influences….but they will be new…..ergo the new man. With new eyes and new senses a new world becomes visible. Personally for me intuition(Spirit) has become a regular companion. This is my experience….others can be much different….:)
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