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Same woman voice at different times at different locations,am/fm

Used the ghost box this past month. I've heard the same woman's soft voice come through at different times and completely different locations. She's told me multiple times "I'm watching". I've asked for her name she's said "nothing" both times. Also "this is weird","accident","I didn't mean" I recognize her voice at this point and have had 3 different people hear her on am and fm sweep to back me up so I don't think I'm crazy. I had a dream only once and i was on a buggy on a dirt road then someone kept poking my arm then my hand. All of a sudden I see a woman ghost hand reaching for my hand then we put our hands together and I woke up. Not sure if this has anything to do with this but I have woken up every single night between 3-4 am for no reason at all and I sense someone is with me very strongly. Can anyone give me any advice on this! Thanks.

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