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Linden Blossom

I had ordered, earlier this month, several samples from Nature's Gift. One of them was a sample of Linden Blossom.

I didn't know what to expect from this, although I've had Linden Blossom tea, so I figured it couldn't be too bad.

When I had smelled the oil, I immediately fell in love with it. Here is what I put on my website regarding it:

The moment I smelled it, it gave me a nostalgic feeling and the first images that came to my mind were of when I was stationed in France. It has this wonderful crisp, clean, slightly citrus and slightly floral scent. It definitely feels ‘masculine’ to me. I had put some on my body (on the 14th) and the immediate effect was of the integration of my energy in the later part of my life (when I was stationed in France) along with the images (memories?) of that time. I was 33 when I died, and as of typing this paragraph, I’m 30. I feel the oil will be of much value in helping me integrate this ‘last part’ of me. It helped me ’see’ myself clearer - like a psychic vacuum cleaner. Hopefully it will, by doing that, help me move forward (and of course have a stronger sense of ‘Identity’). Not that it matters, but the Linden oil did come from France.
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