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Some thoughts I am having with moving

Hii all,

I find it helpful to keep movement balanced. So where I listen I also intent. But also not at the same time. Where I push, I also have to let happen and listen. But also not at the same time.

Iím trying to process the practice here a bit...

What I find too is that harmony is a separate concept from listening. While I first thought that harmony was achieved by everyone listening (whether it is the movement and the personality having qualities of being receptive or a crowd that functions as one big ear). But now I found this obviously not correct. There has to be some play of listening and intending.

Also I find that due to my autism these things are extra important to work on. The regular ways donít work for me. Thus I might very well try it out to work on it for some time.

Not sure what else to add... this is just me thinking out loud. I also think listening/intending can be at the same time. However that has to be done by the right way. Not sure what the right way of this flow is. Maybe working with channels and balancing them (like open in eyes and intending in mouth).


Cosmic Wonder
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