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Originally Posted by SlayerOfLight
Then we agree, don't we...? There's no ''attacking'' here, I think this thread brings up very relevant issues in the bible that need to be mentioned. Fact is, the type of God which the bible promotes is awful and no amount of whitewashing is going to change that. Even many non-religious spiritual people try to do the same thing with the bible, only read what they want to read and interpret it in their own way based on wishful thinking. Well in that case, I might as well interpret Mein Kampf the way I see fit and promote it as a good book while glossing over it's true original intentions.

We agree. I'm not trying to defend the indefensible in any way, it's just that you will find many individual people in religion using scriptures containing violence who are non-violent and peaceable, who probably rarely read the violent parts and have some way to rationalise them. and there are many ways to rationalise them. You're never going to make those violent parts go away except by promoting the other parts of scripture that reflect a better day at the scribes office, so I don't understand the continued threads like this one. Everyone knows and has read those verses a 1000 times and got their own way of dealing with it, its not like it is new information
The average kids bible story book for 5 year olds gets the tone right and shows God in a positive light, we like to tell our kids the truth before they are old enough to get lied to. what's the problem with that?