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Originally Posted by sky123
Why did God condone and order such terrible acts of violence found in the OT? If some believe the Bible to be the ' Word of God ' then you have to believe God was as guilty as the perpetrators or even worse....

A Teenager asked me this question and I answered in my own personal opinion that the OT is not the ' Word of God ' which of course led to more questions and an never-ending conversation which I bowed out off and advised them to do some contemplating....
I suspect such accounts as the two creation accounts, the two flood accounts, etc. were written in a style that would later be improved on and then used in the Talmud. If I am right, then those accounts are only opinions which makes sense.

If you look at the first creation account, Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:3, the English Bibles use the expression God whereas in Hebrew, the word is transliterated as Elohim. Then in Genesis 2:4, LORD is used in English but in Hebrew, the word is commonly transliterated as Yahweh. In English, it appears only one person was writing the text, but in Hebrew, it appears that several people were writing using expressions common to each writer.

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