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I understand that vanity has some issues-

we might have our words and meaning mixed up-

where as I don’t feel like putting people down or subjective them to the notions:
I just feel it as something that’s close to the self-

I wouldn’t want others to get in the way of my vanity or narcissistic behaviour- it’s an indulgence: my ego feels superior (I don’t have time for others- other than holding the door, giving my seat- it’s in a world of it’s own… I can’t understand people that are with narcissism and vanity that put others down or have behaviour that includes others because it’s just the way you are—- being alone makes you self centred,aloof and gives your relationships some saviour dynamics or other dynamics that are harmful/

I know who my twin flame is so that behaviour got curbed… I didn’t project onto other people because my world was so wonderful/is so wonderful… apart from pain… it’s the only thing that’s as supreme as the self… even then I’ll over come it with time or just the moments after it’s subjectected -

my view is life has the true vanity and narcissism… it’s just a tough life and having people bring you down

…we’ll just put it like this, I’m better of alone & independent… that behaviours dependability ; on projecting on to others is a no go for me… I don’t understand what attracts those type of people but they have a lot of work too do…
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