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Natural beauty is more profound and preferred—- even if that meant a little weight…

seems you can’t be told what too do- taking your own initiative and collect data regarding education on the nutrition-

it’s especially important that one looks after them self- pre work out and work out meal and preps are important part of gaining muscle and keeping fit and balance healthy—-

If your pregnancy has giving you some lessons about eating- being able to produce milk—- you need to look after your self at these times- diet and exercise go hand in hand- at least that’s what the results have been given over & over again..

comments can be hard and judgmental upon us.

vanity is important in looking after your self- it just means it’s an obsession—- not saying one is more available in finding balance - just means they take extra in their looks, appearance and have a bit of a obsession with the way they look- you can be not so good looking and be vain…it doesn’t matter how or which way it swings:

being in reincarnation has made me vain because I have pride or need pride in my appearance—- I worked so hard to get there- not like being at my atom self- everything is immortal there..can’t feel pain or bring pain to its essence- it’s just when you reincarnate into avarta, pseudo pain starts: so life teaches us to be vain or reincarnation is also vain or with vanity..

Reincarnation hold a lot of the troubles that we subconsciously imprint—- narcissism, vanity, aloofness, self centred, the list goes on- it’s life teaching the child , they are alone and this is all you have while being alone- everything is different and if done properly we wouldn’t see the light of certain things like direction or time- as each thing is governed by a unique set of rules: one rule doesn’t mean it’s a rule for another- if the shoe fits—- we are all unique even if it makes sense- sometimes the things that don’t make sense are the way forward- because we are all different & imprint different…
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