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It’s great he takes it all back and accept you for who you are (now) - I suppose it’s a little to late.. but weight has been a issue for me too—- muscular appearance hasn’t always been what I looked like—- I had avartas that I was in wrong gender(sandwich theory) I was behind it - so to explain and speak of how it really was- I was unhappy because the pseudo pain was the hardest- I got into a accident with fire and entered reincarnation- but was burned—- I know what a woman feels like and everything including being skinny to putting on weight- I’ve done it—- while as divine being we might say we have no gender and your flame & soulmates will accept and love you for who you are—- I found a couple of relationships while I was in carly—-

I couldn’t believe my luck when the avarta came through that it was really her!! I penned us up as best buddies- me a guy- dark and brooding with carly- the quirky one with the group of children that were also Carly’s- I mean you couldn’t get the name carly —- without the image carly- and here one of the images were-after 20 of them manifesting little Carly’s—- I was also in the sandwich theory with them.. I couldn’t believe carly was here—- all of them and their images and I was their father of law: carly ( the big ish one- had rhino teeth (a tooth that was lodged in front and her nickname was lil—- the fire was horrendous… scars right down to the top of her feet—- part of her image could reincarnate into the carly on my avarta picture—- so you get a sense of the carly I’m talking about—- the one in my avarta picture can have the tooth too or vampire ones(if all goes correctly- it was her canine that was lodged) I was stuck for about 15 years- and being a male it was rather uncomfortable being that close like it was my flesh- I had to pretend- my image is part of Carly’s some where- but I’m their atom of choice- their male—- our clan… I dealt with the weight thing , skinny - couple pounds on ( she wasn’t prone to lots of weight gain but could get a little chubby) muscular also—- I did some body building with her and she did really well she was doing 30k just after a couple of months —- I’m a muscular guy who’s quite tatty and rugged; long shoulder hair - pulled back(short in summers, ponytail in winters- or give or so 5 months… I’m also prone to a dark avarta with Afro/curly /fizzy hair corse … shaved —- I’ haven’t tried a ponytail in the darker mixed race guy—-

but I fluctuate towards being black(dark) and being white(broodingly dark) after the accident all white guys are dark in their skin after burns you really start to feel comfortable in your own skin but for years I battled with my broodyness’ of being dark (there wasn’t a fully symmetrical guy that took my fancy- that was however good looking—- what made good looking for me was symmetry…but something lower of fuller symmetry kept getting in the way of me manifesting and drawing this perfect avarta—- my true body won’t/ can’t manifest to the point ( I CANT GET UP-I CANT GET INTO A AVARTA) that’s how bad things are with me- I’m constantly like this spiritual guy that’s getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life in sandwich theory’s and can’t get into his own avarta- because the account just can’t/won’t manifest it- so what felt like punishment placed me in carly—- I mean she’s great and we are best friends (where I dark male can be a white female- like someone as well know as carly- friend.. best friends even- even the little Carly’s with a dark male- or the heir to their white male symmetry—-so I’ve got a pinch of carly in me—- great!!! It can show up in a photon—- it took me YEARS to get into a male avarta—- I wasn’t worried about dating(doing the right thing by her image was important because she manifested but she was the only one that hadn’t made it - the runt of the litte: so to speak… but I know after 20 manifested and were active she has to be out there some where- just not yet- or this was a fragment of her image- a shard… like I’m missing someone here???

So weight, gender was a issue—- spiritual importance on the image was important- always doing the right thing—— I had a nightmare, I know they say truly you never know how /what your flame is going to manifest- but my flame and me take a lead out of Carly’s book- so to speak- well I’ve been her now- all the way up to my avarta picture—-manifested 15-20 years and plenty of changes.. I felt like I was lying most of the time- portraying a avarta- how could the account… how did these things happen… but reincarnation happened and I was free to enter my male—- I put it down to something lodged when the others were manifesting… they are in suspended animation at the moment and when I enter time—- can’t enter in from all the entanglement—- I mean it’s going to happen—- at least in the next 200 years - or either that I’ll incarnate… through suspended animation—- it’s been a painful lesson—- and I really hope I haven’t losses one - because she didn’t move.. I was in pseudo for most of it- could feel pain like it was my own body—- again why do these things happen—- which makes me question half of the symmetry that’s here because I know full well Carly’s male heirs—- I know im projecting because I am carly—-just the male version—- I see their symmetry in others constantly—- but it wouldn’t become anything- it’s painless for the image because they arnt observing—- someone else is observing—- just like me I was observing—- so felt all the pain—-

It’s made me super masculine—- manly man, grumpy and aloof, temperamental and vanity is my only obsession—- I’m so narcissistic after the narcissism of reincarnation—- that all I care about are looks, appearance and sophistication—- being rich is just a balance- but appearance is more than a balance—- so I’m the wrong person to talk too but I can relate—-being in these circumstances and situations has given me a new outlook on having your own image/ and avarta—- when some times I feel like I don’t have a IMAGE!!! I just make it up—- but how do you create someone good looking than they are real? They are awake? They are responding? They are feeling? They are human? Plenty of mistakes but gives me a rush to think I made it out alive in to a male—- some would say that the shard was me as a female self even if I felt male—- or must be something in it because manifested on the account—- I know in my heart what it is- and my friends I made would have a rude awakening when I reincarnated as a male and was technically lying to them about who I was- by the mistake of the younger Carly’s- coming and going- like other people have witnessed this- and when reincarnation happens- do you go up to them when you pass them? LeVe it for them to work out? These are potentially soulmates also that are kindred —- yes I have soulmates that are JUST FRIENDS—- and they might think I went through stages of wearing boys clothes- mostly I wore girls—- but towards the end I wore only boys… carly was kicking it—- SWAG every where!!!

I felt like I missed my swag… and shopping was funny because I knew the tendency I was in- it makes you thankful for what you got — and afraid of the pain- that pseudo could be so harsh! It wasn’t fun reincarnating—- everything was wrong about it… but I had the perseverance and stamina…just.. I made it through horribly… fire was devastating… I’ve wrote more about it in (your space/MySpace on the sub section on this forum) and pictures… I just can’t wait until I’m a teleporter or jumper… it’s teasing me—- I mean something has to happen in next 200 years or while we keep reincarnating and living again.. I’ve got images ready for when I reincarnate so the account knows this time of particular male avarta where as before when I was changing and transitioning through body’s - I didn’t have a male image in mind I was always like a ghost figure… or just a point - a observer… brooding .. so vanity’s is important from where I’ve come from- it’s all I cling to because life experiences…
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