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Originally Posted by Bubbles
I was thinking as I was reading... how can she not remember her own crystals? Then, I read the "all 300+ of them" part and I understood :)

Of course you can have as many as you want.

It is something I was thinking about too.

I am seriously considering on only keeping less crystals, but more pricey and increased in quality. However, while this might seem like a good strategy at first, it is a flawed one in the long run. There will always be room for yet another crystal. And I'd just end up spending more.

Sometimes I'd consider giving some of them to someone else, but I know somehow that nobody I know would be so interested or that those crystals would end up lost.

I also do not believe in the 'throw in the sea/lake' to 'free' the crystal. Is a narrative some say is good, sure, but in my opinion we can also use a sad narrative regarding doing this as well. My nuummite is billions of years old and I am not even sure if it was awakened to the fact that I am near it. I am not even a blink of an eye for it.

So.. there is always room for more crystals. Perhaps, one day, you will find someone who is very passionate about them, and you will start gifting. Or, look up on etsy for special shelves that can hold more crystals.
Indeed 300+ it becomes a different ballgame to remember hihi.
And more shelves... it may come to that. Problem being my house is pretty full up as it is. I also paint and like to have some of my work on the walls. Not all, then I'd need a larger house, haha.
Oh well... the next new crystal is on the way. I don't see it ever stopping either.

As for 'giving crystals back to nature'... I also don't believe in that. To me it's utter nonsense.
I've sold a few crystals and a few skulls some 4 yrs ago as I needed money and I didn't use these really. Guess what... I came to regret it later on!!

At some point my crystal collection will go to my 2 kids. Both like crystals. Thing is their dad also has a lot that his parents collected themselves when they lived in Australia. So I think my kids won't have enough space for them all either, hahaha.

Oh well...
As it is I'm not parting with any of mine. Not even the ones I don't directly work with right now. They are all very dear to me.
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