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Oh I don't even have words for how scared and angry I am....

I live part-time in southern Illinois, where the pipeline is apparently supposed to end. I'm not too sure because the US government/media is censoring coverage of the whole situation. I don't even know when the protests began. Only twice has the local news mentioned anything, and both boadcasts (on supposedly more eco-friendly left-wing networks) were critical of the protesters. The people of southern Illinois are just happy that the pipeline will bring more money to the area!

I can't help but feel that the protests are pointless. In America, they always have been. "Progress" always prevails in the end. All "civilized" governments respond to protesters with violence, because the issues at hand often concern the very definition of "civilized". "Civilization" runs on petroleum. Environmentalists are thus "uncivilized".

The authorities will never listen to us, because we threaten the very structure of their existence. That's why I can't go up north and make a stand; since middle school, I've already been under suspicion after sabotaging human threats to the ecosystem. I'd just be carted off to jail like so many other innocent civilians. Or worse yet, be burnt to death when the military firebombs the protesters. And any promises the US government makes always turn out to be lies.

The only way to fix this mess is a global reset....
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