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Originally Posted by iamthat
Excerpt from post #41
When we the original Human Soul Group existed on Tiamaat (The original humans in The First Atlantis where the lion slept with the lamb)) we already had a soul and spirit, we also had bodies that were ethereal as we lived on a planet that was far less dense (physical) than the version we are currently on. There was no death. We were suppose to graduate as a soul group but there were things set in place and consequences that prevented that from happening. Before "evil" was cast away and death created by we were evolving fine. Therefore i do not fall within the notion that we need evil in order to evolve by it acting as a catalyst.

The problem as i see it "is "amnesia" because when asked in the astral why we have it within the physical bodies, The Overlords tell us that if we remembered everything from our past lives we wouldnt be able to handle it. This is not the case. If we didnt have amnesia then we would have learned our lessons alot faster, see them for what they are as we work on ourselves at a much faster rate and then "move on" from this place (The Patrix). I agree with part of what you said though because its not just amnesia alone so in that sense your right, the biggest problem isnt amnesia. The biggest problem is "karma"
We are told in the astral after physical death that we need to come back into another incarnation on Earth and live out our karma, set new goals and come back and do it again with amnesia so we now have to relearn everything we learned from the last lifetime. As we being shown the positive and negative things we did in the last life we may feel bad about some of the bad things we did to others or in general and because we are good hearted beings we agree that coming back to Earth is the best thing. This is called behavior modification! Its also more manipulation by them. There is absolutely no reason for us to be recycled (reincarnated for the faint hearted) and come back into another incarnation here on Earth. All we need to do is forgive ourselves and forgive others that have done us harm. We look at and see it for what it is and then move on from it!

The entities that you speak about are souls coming in from different parts of the Milky Way Galaxy to Earth. I cannot comment on why they are here because i dont know but they may be here for a number of reasons. Not all of these star beings "willingly" came here though and over time has managed to capture souls from elsewhere and place them in his system which is his very own system. All in all these beings are still apart of the Human Soul Group or Earths Human Mass Consciousness.
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