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Big thanks to all the responses. ��
Originally Posted by Lorelyen
A medium is above all a communication channel as I see it. I could be wrong of course.
That too. But, according to my aunt, she says it's also to see beauties.
Originally Posted by Native spirit
Arc Angel Rapheal is known to be the angel of Healing. of Mind Body and Spirit.
So for him to say to you that you will suffer does nor connect with him
That's right. But here's an interesting side note: my aunt revealed that the spirit whom talked through her is Archangel Raphael, but of another entity.
Originally Posted by Native spirit
If your Aunt is a medium has she taught you how to open up and close down?
as these are the first things you need to learn.
Yes, she did give me many hints, but none of them worked, I tell you.
No, I don't know how to perceive orbs or energies.

I'd like to tell a bit more of story.
Back when I wasn't a medium, I had (at least) three spiritual gifts: random smells, random lights (orbs) of certain color and random noises with different pitches. However, I never knew they were spiritual gifts, not until my aunt (Archangel Raphael) revealed I'm a medium. My belief of random smells is that I was crazy, although I've never cared about it at all, due to my depression. Nowadays, I regret of not taking any action to know the reason of these "abnormalities". Perhaps, if I had visited my aunt for a spiritual healing, she could've figured everything out.
In regards to the random noises, my belief is that I had tinnitus; turns out it's a spiritual gift, too. I discovered this noise spiritual gift myself, when, one day, while I was chilling, looking out the window, my head had been moved out of nowhere, then sighting the town where my medium aunt and other elder family members live. At the same time my head moved, I heard a random low-pitched noise.
My aunt is an experienced medium; she is a medium since fifteen years old. She had done many spiritual healings to me and my family, and all of them worked.

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