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Struggling with this situation

I don't have my thoughts in order about what I need to ask. I recieved deep insights from the place "behind the veil".

I was at a meeting with non-human beings. They oversaw everything to do with souls and incarnation. I was told the decision to inform me about this situation had not been taken lightly. It's very harmful to soul but they thought it was best for me. Most of this I can't explain for exactly this reason.

So the problem was, some other beings had come to earth with me to help with my incarnation (guides). They left after I arrived but they weren't suppose to, and without them I'd gotten lost and into difficulties.

The beings told me they didn't know that I'd been left alone, otherwise it would have been corrected much earlier. I'd gone a long time without help, pretty much dug a hole for myself trying to get somewhere in life, except I never would have because these beings had left.

Once I'd been informed fully of the situation I was told not to worry about anything because I had their full support plus new guides had been assigned to me.

I found this all rather shocking and struggled to process it mentally. Not something that can be discussed openly so I bottled it up. Months down the track I was getting more and more depressed. Then the spirits came back; they told me to not be upset by everything, otherwise they'd take me out.

Now I completely pushed aside the whole situation, ignoring it. This was the only way I could cope without being distressed by it. But I continued to receive information and meet other spirits. Everything I encountered was utterly shocking and I tried to disbelieve everything I was seeing.

A long time passed and I processed nothing that was happening. I just bottled up everything. It made me depressed for another reason and then I became unmotivated. I went and had a medical because the stress was affecting me physically; the tests were normal.

Then the spirits came back and we discussed my laziness. I spoke honestly and hid nothing; I told them I'd taken onboard too much information and I couldn't process it. In case they didn't know already, I told them I needed to process it and I would continue to be unmotivated until that happened.

I left that meeting feeling like they weren't listening to me at all. I felt gutted but I stood my ground. A few days later a deceased family member came to me saying they were going to take me out if I kept being lazy. I was upset by this and explained why I was lazy. I was told "they" were going to make me sick to get me going again.

A couple weeks later my health became bad and I had more tests done. There were multiple diagnoses which hadn't shown up on the previous tests. Yes I am looking after my health now but what about my emotional health? I can't even begin to process this because it's shocking & upsetting. They're going to take me out if I get upset by it so the only option is to bottle it up, in which case I get depressed and that's not the answer either. Advice please?
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