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Originally Posted by loopylucid
Ok so with that in mind a few others ideas... is your life very much orientated by the things your doing, the materials within it if you like?, rather than the people involved in it?
Perhaps as you expressed more here, this could be more about your feelings towards relationships with people? You trust the black and white that you can see a little more than the peoples perceptions? or something along those lines, just trying to offer some ideas to help unravel this for ya :)


I just did an oracle card read for myself that said more or less, " Stop ignoring the signs..."

Right now I just don't trust them, because they don't do anything and while yes, I must play my part, I do tire of the 'spiritual politics'.

I even had a white feather fall in front of me in the street, and I just thought another pigeon...I know what it's supposed to mean, but signs mean little when the fruition doesn't come through.
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