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Originally Posted by froebellian
Possibly, I haven't had my chocolate fix yet (my brain food) but the amount of signs of overwhelming me and to be honest I have never been a person to read too much into things though when 333 appeared constantly for the last few days (even on chat, someone said something cost $3.33) I'm still not taking too much notice!!

I didn't trust what is behind the curtain and that was using my instinct despite what others told me. Should I have done? It was lucid, so I had control, but chose to leave and the dying woman? Was that me? The empty milk bottle was because I didn't trust the signs and others... perhaps?

Ok so with that in mind a few others ideas... is your life very much orientated by the things your doing, the materials within it if you like?, rather than the people involved in it?
Perhaps as you expressed more here, this could be more about your feelings towards relationships with people? You trust the black and white that you can see a little more than the peoples perceptions? or something along those lines, just trying to offer some ideas to help unravel this for ya :)

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