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Blood moon dream

What a weird time, as predicted. Anyhow the dream went along the lines of this, this morning.

I was going into a department store that I know well (Harrods) but took a different entrance and it was by a place near Trafalgar Square (it's not in real life) but there was a lot of open space and steps nearby. Once inside there were new signposts, but they had multiple arrows, then they didn't lead to where I was going and it was confusing as I knew my way around I thought. Eventually I did find a way into the department I was looking for, but other signs lead to other offices, smaller shops and rooms and I was relieved when I was out of the labyrinth.

Anyhow, I return again the next day, and this time the signposts seem more complicated and I follow them and they don't lead to where they say they do. I find other people as confused and I follow some of them. I follow a couple who find what they are looking for (a nightclub!) and the man tells me that someone told him behind the red velvet curtain is the store. I ask him who told him and he points to someone, but I don't trust them and try to find my way out down the stairs.

I get out onto the street and in the road there is a woman injured and a policeman is holding her and there is an empty bottle of milk next to her. I rush past as he eyes close.

I can read the signs, but the signs aren't helpful. Maybe they are not the ones I seek and I must accept that?
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