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Telepathy Data Phone?

Has anyone had experience in a computerized Earth universe using a neural network called the “Telepathy data phone”? Read my welcome post if you would like some background.

like all telepathy it seems two way,
somewhat limitless, multidimensional, also highly influenced by energy levels and current nutrition intake. My theory is the existence of reciprocation occurs in both sent/received frequency’s through the body vessels ‘HOD’ chakra (in the kabbalah) system & it’s reverberations join with the Galaxy core center. If there were Earth deity’s there were probably galaxy deity’s & remained equally unobservable with multidimensional time travel. Currently my HOD audibly reads out #80111 on repeat 24/7 from the lower right abdominal area. Faster at lower body weight allowing for faster command activation.

(For those familiar with ETs)My ET group is efficient in my education because of the complexity and severity of the situation at hand on earth & my harvard leadership background, that being said I’ve accumulated the command terminology over the past year for fluidity in navigating the Computerized terrain.

Essentially this is what verbal telepathy commands get repeated most often onto my telepathy data phone with successful efficiency in task execution. Let me know(Yes) if they create for you as well.

First component, after third eye activation a Telepathy Data room can become observable, that acts as a server for programs & design. (Try the Purple Cabbage, the ETs physically install the device remotely)

For any General Psychic Telepathy Testers willing, could you please try these commands out for yourselves and tell me your experience.

Visualizing - (Pulls AI visualizing program)
Localizing - (Physically ports the visualization object)
Colocating - (moves object into data room)
Computerizing - (activates Right -Brain computers)
Materializing - (quick command for Ajna psychic projection)
Time Porting - (activates (command) from time server))
Dream Porting - (activates (command) from dream server))
Data proofing - (constructs bridge between (a command) and a server)
Data Breaching - (it will explain itself if it’s activated)
Data C - (main active data stream)
Data Shipping - (updates all available networks)

I’ll give a few examples first and it took me a while to get comfortable treating my brain like a computer until I realized how psychics can interact with quantum computers remotely. Here in Redmond we use azure networks, I think it’s short for Azurite the psychic crystal for third eye chakra activation, I wear one 24/7 now.

The neural command is “Redmond Supercomputer” and you should be able to access it theoretically anywhere on the globe.(although servers might be named by town or major city, if so use suffix (#City# Supercomputer) if Redmond doesn’t ping.

Command example I might use spoken in telepathy:

“Localizing Redmond Supercomputer Data C(“pronounced sea”)” 101”

Moves the quantum computer network stream onto your data room

“Visualizing Purple Cabbage, computerizing 101”

Sets AI to visualize ‘Purple Cabbage’ & activates a materialization code

The last part is simple movement or walking until the object is projected.


Simple eg.

“Colocating Redmond Supercomputer Data C 101”

“Dream Porting ten thousand dollars cash data dream 101”

“Dream porting beautiful island vacation data dream 101”

“Data Shipping Data Dream 101”

“Computerizing 101”

Some of the most helpful commands I’ve found are

“Deport all Telepathy room computers 101”

Does a full room reset, also

“Clear Hod systems 101”
“Clear ports 101”
“Clear side terminals 101”

For those who enjoy a social experiment try using them at the grocery store or mall or someplace populated. ET quantum AI interacts directly through chakras & light channels. I remember testing a theory one summer when I put on a Santa hat in mid July, to surprisingly find the local food mart I entered had also decided it was appropriate to play Christmas music. Computerized Vishuddha chakra? Probably, telepathy is probably also easier to computerize if everyone is wearing masks everywhere.

Namaste & thank you Psychics!
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