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A Message from Jesus Today - 10 17 20

{I channeled over the weekend, a few times. I was feeling very dense, very caught, stuck? The energy this week is really strange for me, and I was trying to feel better, and the Sky People always make me feel better I think Jesus was in a hurry, because the ebb and flow of it felt more like shorthand dictation. I found out some upsetting news the day after this about a family member, at least upsetting for me, everyone else is excited about it, and in the long run its all good, but I think he was in a hurry to give me some tools to weather that conversation the next day, and it did work. I feel like I could feel a lot differently about it and go down that stupid rabbit hole with it, but I didn't. I'm still disturbed by it, but I think that is all I can really expect of myself. Only time will put this into perspective for me, so I'm trying not to overthink it (which is my go-to move) and there is nothing I can do about it, I just have to come to terms with how I want to feel about it. So to anyone who is struggling with some idea, some concept that came out of the blue at you, and you are wrestling with it, hope this helps

Oh, and the disclosure question I left in, just because Inquiring minds....}


Channeling Jesus

I would like to channel Jesus and ask him a question and then ask if he has anything that we can all use to get through these times we are living in

Thank you Jesus

About Non-disclosure, my question is: what can I do about it? Should I be doing anything about it?

Thank you.

I am here next to you. You donít have to reach up too high to find me these days.

In answer to you first question: my thoughts on this subject are that you need to be careful when watching any outside influence. Use your gut instincts, they are serving you well. Disconnect from the media is good, keep doing that. Donít buy into everything you read or see, a lot of it is illusion and as you know, you are creating your reality, so use your discernment about what you want to be included in your reality. While something might be true, it does not have to affect you and yours, if you stay true to yourself. Listen to your emotions and ask them if they are real, or just a knee jerk reaction. Donít allow them to manipulate you, to sidetrack you, some of these thoughts are not yours, they just resonate with thoughts that are yours that match that vibration, so try and lift up your vibration each day, channeling is good, it plucks you out of them and puts you into a more vibratory state.

As to your second question, yes, I always have something to add to the collective, to make you all feel better about what you are doing now, and what you can do in these times of seeming chaos.

We want to take this opportunity to say to all of you, be safe, be yourselves, donít get caught up in the turmoil, do your own thing, do what feels good to you, do something to make you feel better about yourself, watch comedy, laugh, take breaks, meditate, unplug, de-stress, find your center, center yourself, go out in nature, take a walk as often as you can, be alive in the moment, for each moment is a gift you can use to free yourself, to be free, you are sovereign, you are loved, you are a part of God, feel that and be that and know that and trust that. Trust that you will be safe. Trust that you are sovereign and enjoy your lives. Put joy in your day. Add it to your coffee, or tea. Allow that you can do this, each and every day, each and every moment.

Sometimes your worlds seem too hard, that things are not going in the direction that you want them to go in. But always remember it is your path, your journey, not anyone else's, and you have all kinds of tools in your tool boxes to use to keep you focused on what you want to get out of your life. It is your life, no one else's, and no one else gets a say in that.

Ask for help when you want, we are always here, helping and guiding and lighting the path in front of you. Trust your gut, trust us, ask for help, be at peace, share peace, share love, share joy, share abundance, share yourselves when your cup runneth over. Trust.

Disconnect from the media. You will feel instantly better. Allow that you can do this, allow that you are allowed to do this. Take a week, and see if you donít feel better. Let the outside influences fall away, and get to the core of yourself. Sovereign. Trust. You are light and love in all different, wonderful packages and never forget that.

We are here for you, next to you , anytime you call. You have hosts of angels at your disposal. Ask them for help. Ask them to help you find your way if you find yourself in darkness, they can light your path, light up your way .

Be free, donít allow yourselves to have your freedoms taken away. They are yours.

Much light and love is available to you always. Tap into that and know you are loved. You are love. Each one of you is made from love, is made up of love. We are one in the love.

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