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Originally Posted by inavalan
Are there any religions that predict that humans will succeed by themselves, with no divine intervention, to establish a Heaven on Earth? (not including Marxists, nor scientists, ... )

What about with divine intervention?

I am not a religious person and don't know what different religions predict.
I can talk about what has come through to me.
The first thing I would say is, everything is much more organized and orchestrated than most would acknowledge or know.
Everything works as planed, nothing is left to chance.
Chance does not exist in creation.
During the phase we know as the Event, which will take a bit longer than a week, all past records, some might know as the akashic records, will be whipped out, deleted.

Knowledge about past conflicts and atrocities will not exist any longer.

The non physical earth realm which is packed with "low level" spirits, the estimate goes into the trillions, will be removed.
What will be left on the surface are those that are ready to work on the next level. Unconditional love.
I am a Wanderer.
Rah nam
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