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Song of the day

A friend and I pm each other with the song we hear in the day. It is not our favorite song, or even a song playing on the radio. It is a song that pops up in our mind and niggles its way through the day.

Like a hint. That is all. Or a song which reframed a moment. It might even shift a perspective. It is not a finger pointing, but often it is a general feeling. Like a picture coming into focus.

Yesterday a client snapped and began screaming at me. But instead of being caught off guard, It slowed down, I saw my filter go up to keep the energy from hitting full force. I calmed me, lowered my voice and made a calm bubble and began the task at hand. The client followed suit and calmed and even laughed, became cooperative. We finished the task as partners. When finished the woman was regretful that she had yelled at me. I reminded her that my job is to help people on one of their most vulnerable, terrible days. There is no judgement. In the hour in which the space was held, she and I both learned a different way and saw each other as humans.

I related the story to my elder child who is like me, but even more sensitive. I let him know that there are days when we hold space for someone, often times a stranger. Sometimes we get it right and the universe gets a win. I could not really put my finger on what had occurred or the lesson until I heard the song this morning as I began my day.

So, this was the song this morning. No radio in the house, the song just popped up.

I think the woman was just a manifestation of the whole, the world, the reminder,... we are supposed to slow it down and hold a space of love for each other. Pure, simple, love and light and nothing more.
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