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Originally Posted by Greenslade
My dear Guthrio

For the most part for us humans it's going to come down to your perceptual maps, that's really what beliefs systems are. Even the belief that "I am that I am" is an attempt to bring that which is beyond the reach of descriptions into descriptiveness. Or define the undefinable.

But what we are not is of the ego/mind/brain mechanism and if there is a perceptual 'ultimate' then isn't an "I" not a definition itself, a model or any of the other things you've described? There is no 'I' without a 'you', the word itself becomes meaningless.

We re the Universe experience itself, trying to figure itself out and for all its experiencing and figuring out it knows that there is yet more to experience and figure out.

As Bashar said,
"If you can think it, it exists. If it doesn't exist, how can you think it?"

All of those things are in your reality, everything that over-fills your cup. The question is though, how do they exist in your reality?

If I am the Samurai that dreams he is a butterfly, if I am the butterfly that dreams it is a Samurai??? If I am both??? You see, before you can deny that the butterfly that thinks it is a Samurai exists you have already acknowledged its existence.

It eternally remains I Am, which is an acknowledgement that "I" - consciousness, "Am" - exists - and by extension everything that we are conscious of. We need those perceptual maps to understand from the mind/brain perspective so we can escape them.

Consciousness encompasses.

Brother Greenslade, are so right! Consciousness encompasses, whether named, dreamed, denied, perceived, acknowledged, understood or misunderstood. From all-encompassing Consciousness there is no escape because Consciousness is all there is, to be anything we, or Samurai's or butterflies, or Gurus, or Friends say it is....and Infinitely more.
“Why, that’s true! I am a perfect, unlimited gull!” Jonathan opened his eyes asking, "Where are we?” The Elder Chiang said, “We’re on some planet with a green sky and a double star for a sun.” Jonathan made a scree of delight. “IT WORKS!" “Well, of course it works, Jon,” said Chiang. “It always works, when you know what you’re doing." (and even when you don't)
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