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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Even though I was fully asleep, in deep sleep actually, I got the distinct feeling that this was more than just a dream.

It seemed so real, so vibrant and I was actually able to give and receive intelligent responses within a totally subconscious state...that just blew me away.

It is as if all this were going on in another plane or Astral level that I had somehow managed to "gatecrash" and, as a result, I was put to some kind of test to ascertain my worthiness of being where I had found myself...this was the whole "vibe" I got from that experience.

Maybe the dream was in regards to me questioning what my "self" actually was, when yesterday, my psychologist suggested that I do things to increase my own "self esteem" with me replying "why would I ever want to do that?" and her giving me a look of total befuddlement before asking me to try and define my personal identity...and then my mind going completely blank while I tried unsuccessfully to comply with her request.

That whole situation was very awkward to say the least, so my guides decided to take it one step further and hence, the dream.

It was a deeply satisfying experience for me.
I believe we can have dreams on different levels of existence that we can't normally feel/perceive in waking life due to our humanness. I'm glad you felt satisfied. :)
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