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another way is kinda like looking at your hands. the spirits told me this one and it works. but every time i realized im dreaming i get pulled out of it. but any ways

if you talk to the spirits at all ask them to put something in your hand. even if you dont talk to them, just ask out loud to what ever is listening " i want to dream tonight and i want to be in the know, will you please place something in my hand?" extend your hand out as some one is giving you something see if you cant feel them place it there. use your imagination. any sensation use it.

close your hand in front of you. watch your self close it. then close your eyes and go to sleep telling your self you have something in your hand. over and over. keep your hand closed.

in your dream you will have intent to look at your hands and wonder what was put in it. try to tell your self to look in your hand. iv done this a couple times. it worked once but im still practicing.

and you do you will find something in your hand. i found a green box in mine when i did it. but it will help you connect the idea that what they are and what dreams are aren't that far apart. they they can have as much influence in your dream as life.

also a dream gives templates to energy, what they place in your hand is a replicate in energy of the object, but your dream will place a cover on it so you can see it.

this is a great concept to visualize your day some times. or analyze your dreams.

if you can talk to a spirit and do this the next morning tell them what you found. ask them if its right. mine was and when i noticed it, it was like something clicked in my consciousness allowing me to comprehend a new understanding of spiritual planes with dreams states and the physical plane.
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