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Simon Karlos
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Lucid Dream Control

Originally Posted by LadyVirgoxoxo
So with lucid dreaming I can make anything happen to me in the dream? I can thik that I want pie and pie will just show up??

Whatever you wish, yes. Your focus and control depends on your thought/beliefs/feelings about yourself and your abilities. Some people can easily manipulate the dreamscape, and do so. Some can, but choose instead to enjoy it as it is as a product of the subconscious. Others find it very difficult to change the dream, or have minimal control (but only because of subconscious beliefs that would hinder them). Best wishes.


Another helpful tip:

Listening to music that moves you deeply before going to sleep, with an intent to have a lucid dream, can greatly assist you in having one. Try this magical music, from my epic playlist:

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