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Originally Posted by Rena
Leadville, yes im gonna just try again on the spirit box and see if i can get anything else. I have tried again already before but i didnt have any success with the friend. Those spirit boxes sure do make a lot of negative spirits come around though.... Thats why i havent used it lately.

Desertrat, you should use one sometime. It is the real deal. I asked what my name was, and i heard my name in all these different voices overlapping. Oh it was so freaky. The spirits are basically manipulating those noises to come through.
Im sensitive to spirits already, so i think that spirit box is like a magnet for those spirits

I don't give advice but may I please suggest that you exercise caution? Your box is the means communicators use to 'speak' to you but you may be the attraction, your psychic awareness may be the attraction, for these individuals. The unfortunate things is that - as you've indicated - unfriendly or mischievous/malicious individuals may also use the box. And they're not the ones you want to speak to.

For all intermediaries - psychics and mediums alike - the general principle is that we should be sure about those we encourage. As with a ouija board they're not devices to play around with. But used properly, used carefully, used by experienced and knowledgeable individuals they can be a helpful tool.
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