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Originally Posted by Rena
Well its complicated. They are in another state far away and i have no phone number or anything..... Because we lost contact......

Yes i agree with you, there are spirits that lie.....

But this is my first time hearing someones voice on a spirit box that way. Calling me nicknames and talking exactly the way the person used to talk to me. Their exact voice. I was in shock after it was over with. I started searching obituaries on web and everything.

Why not ask this communicator to give you something that will help you learn if he's actually passed over? If communication is as good as you say then surely your friend could pass on a phone number or address where you could enquire? It's worth asking and it's something the communicator can't find in your own psyche because you don't know that information. That would be good evidential information, the stuff that has to be authenticated elsewhere. It might give you confidence your friend is kosher or that it's not him at all.
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