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Originally Posted by Greenslade
"God made man, man made religion" and Spirituality, and this is the understanding that's been lost. When people suddenly become "Spiritual beings" you know they've lost the plot because already they've disconnected from themselves, already the rift has begun. The question often isn't why don't they like religion but what are they running away from? The understanding for me is not that I have certain beliefs but the reason I have them, I took Buddha's advice long ago and questioned.

I tried religion for a time but it simply didn't work for me. I'm not a ritual kinda guy but I understand how it could work for others. If people are happy with religion I'm happy with that, because as far as I'm concerned every road leads to Rome and what some find in religion I find in Life. Isn't Life itself as much an intuition as religion? If not then what are the reasons it's different - and therein you'll find so many answers. Spirituality is different from religion is different from 'real Life' is different from you because you're not religious and you don't name-drop the Ascended Masters.

If we're making differences between this and that we're not as Spiritual as we'd like to think we are, we're still very much driven by ego.

I came to Spirituality for the same reasons you came to religion and I found the answers I so badly needed. Religion didn't cut it for me because I didn't want ideologies and theologies, I needed to reconnect to the youngster who had been fractured by the trauma of abuse and people banging on about how wonderful God was didn't help.

As for what people do consciously or subconsciously, well that's into psychology territory and that has no relevance for the Spiritual Aspirant that psycho-analyses the reasons people aren't religious. And no, I'm not referring to you. But this is why things are in such a mess and they're not going to change any time soon.

And still people don't understand that all they have to express is the truth of themselves.

Spirituality is an entropic system, and sometimes trying to fight against the current only brings discord.
You just stated that you "came to Spirituality" and you also stated that Spirituality is "man made", so kindly educate me as to what it was that man made, or that you made which you eventually "came to" which was not already there in the first place and which you identified as being "Spirituality"? This confuses me.

We shall take it from there.

Yes, I prefer religion over Spirituality because as you said, it is more structured, more ritualistic and it has these things called "precepts" which can be slightly different and distinguishable from "concepts" but not by much.

Religion is more my thing because I can measure my progress against it and there is also something to aspire to if one cannot be in that permanent state of fully comprehending that which they already are.

Of course I would fail badly if I were discussing the Abrahamic Religions and not the Dharmic ones when I speak of "religion" - which man actually made to ascribe to Hinduism and Buddhism over THEIR descriptive pronoun.."way of life" or Lifestyle Choice.