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Originally Posted by janielee
Yes, and on forums you have people with rationality bent sermons on how spirituality is just sitting on a toilet and doing whatever one wants. Or how suspect spirituality is and how much they secretly hate it, and loathe its ideas, while hanging out on a spiritual form.

I was also brought up old school too - so don’t worry if you aren’t interested, don’t come back until you are. This is not child’s play. And apparently the examples of the Masters who spent long years, realising the same inner Truths, is a foul thing to mention here for people who are so in love with their own ideals that nothing else will do. Strike of the serpent.
Pretty much.

It all boils down to others expecting traditional institutions to change to accommodate them as individuals in accordance with their own secular beliefs and ideologies, vs changing themselves to be able to integrate their wayward ego into an existing paradigm.

What we see here (and everywhere) are mere subconscious projections.

People project their innermost state into observable, descriptive nuances and then attempt to dress it all up in an "appeal to logic" for the purposes of self-justification and I have wizened up to it.

For example, those who criticise, judge, condemn etc are usually and secretively very jealous or perceive the input as a direct threat (or else they just would not care). They are aware of their own limitations, negative experiences, regrets, bitterness, disappointments etc and then they will project all of that upon the person who mentions any of the great traditions and the Enlightened Masters thereof.

They may deny that this is their motive or agenda for disagreement, but they wouldn't necessarily be consciously aware of doing it either, because such things usually occur at a subconscious or an unconscious level and it takes a trained "third eye" to spot it.

When a person has these insecurities they feel the need to project onto others, the very first thing they will do is to find others (for reinforcement) who have had similar experiences, who all disagree with a certain institution, and then they form a focus group with a "network structure" hell bent on recruitment to bring the organization down...with more zeal than those religious zealots they so despise.

When one sees this, sees the bigger picture of how these people will also infiltrate the institution to attack it from the inside as well as the outside, ensuring destruction on all fronts, you will begin to understand what is going on here.

Eventually, it will force these religious/spiritual societies to go "underground" where they will become "secret societies"...condemned and shunned by everyone else due to the actions of a hundred or so loud-mouthed, influential and affluentual radical protestors and lobbyists with political affiliations.

It happened in Jesus' happened with Nostradamus, with Leonardo Da Vinci, even with Nikola Tesla..