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Originally Posted by neil
At our very core we are invisible intelligent awareness & in the image of the almighty Christ entity, And it really does not matter what "we" the invisible awareness is refered to as.

Also everyone knows that an Earthly physical body can not be made of "dust of the Earth".

& yet the biblical scriptures explain it as so...but that is the very many variations of the bible, is it not. Many different versions & full of uncanny descriptions.

Glad you brought that up.

Neil, can you prove anything you just wrote?

Better yet, can you prove anything you wrote without referencing the Bible or people in the Bible?

Did you know that some people claim to be Christian but reject almost everything mentioned in the Bible?

But that seems to be the beauty of Christianity.... it is whatever a person wants it to be.

I know one chap who is an
in which he goes to the 5th Dimension and transports back to the 3rd Dimension people who still want to do 3rd Dimensional things!

As I have mentioned before, the first 5 books of the Bible apparently were written by different people. This becomes apparent when you read the scriptures in Hebrew. Those books resonate to me so much like the Talmud that I personally believe those books were the premise on how the Talmud was construed.

I mentioned how words can be confusing. For example, the cited scripture speaks of God/god, but in this that God/god is generally claimed to be Satan/devil. I also mentioned how the Jews at one time were worshiping God/god only to find out it was the wrong God/god.
Can we learn anything from what I wrote? I doubt it.


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