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Originally Posted by r6r6r
This is not a clear definition of what your "pure spirit" is exactly.

So now you've gone from "pure spirit" to "pure energy". So are you now trying to say that "pure energy" and "pure spirit" are the same?

Either way, you still have not given any specifics that actually are very descriptive in detail of what either is.

"existing in the moment" is true of occupied space existence.

Bears have no human brain, nor do fish, or bacteria.

Not only that the brain is not base on thoughts. The brain is based on RNA-DNA.. I'm sorry but your not giving any rational, logical and clear, concise common sense definitions for your "pure spirit" this or "pure energy" that

Not sure what your interest is? Is it to learn or is it to refute? These things are experiential in their nature and words will always fall short of the experience.

If it very much like trying to describe how it feels to hit a shot in golf correctly to someone who does not know what golf is, but to someone who has had the experience they can understand.

It is what Laozi said of Taoism, "It is the Tao that cannot be spoken of."


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