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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Please, Dear who read here in the meditation section...

Sit and open yourselves to the Divine.
That is all there is.


My turn:

There are those who are 'God conscious' and who love a concept of a 'Higher Being/Self' and those who do not.

For those who do, the way is easy. For those who do not, the way is difficult.

When was the last time any of you had a very deep soul-releasing and cleansing cry?

When was the last time you stood out in the middle of nowhere and screamed your lungs out at the universe for whatever reason?

You may be annoyed, ticked off, not getting anywhere in your practice, going around in circles and doing nothing...when was the last time you vented your frustrations to God/Universal energy and did it with full force and gusto?

When was the last time you allowed pleasant memories to totally engulf you? maybe remembering a past spiritual experience that came naturally that you are now working so hard to recapture because it all got 'lost in translation' somehow?

Whatever you have bottled up, time to pull the cork out and go tip it out somewhere...somewhere nice...and when you do, tip it ALL out - whatever is holding you back...let it go...get rid of it.

Cry and primal scream it out of your heart and soul...give it all up to God/Higher Self.

If you want this enlightenment thing, want it SO bad, you're willing to do anything for it....willing to die for it.

I'm reminded about a story...a western seeker went to a guru guy besides the banks of the Ganges once...

He had all these questions..."how do I meditate? do I get enlightenment? do I realise on-ness with God?" many questions...

The guru guy said "I'll answer your questions, but first...let me baptise you in the Ganges so your soul may become pure to receive those answers..."

So, the seeker agreed and the guru held him under the water.....and held him there....and put both hands on his head....and forcibly started pushing him under....the guy was flailing....drowning...his lungs started filling up with water...

Eventually, just before he died, the guru released his head and allowed him to surface...he came up choking, coughing and spluttering on Ganges water with a 'why the HELL are you trying to kill me?'re insane!"

The guru said 'okay, I am insane...but please tell me, what were you thinking while I was holding your head under water there?'

The seeker said 'nothing! I only wanted to breathe! that was my only thought!'

The guru said "okay, now you can get lost and leave me alone...return to me when your love for God is like that".

So, I have meditated for many years, but I only awoke after letting go, surrendering to god, primal screaming, yelling, crying, dancing...
I am the creator of my own reality, so please don't get offended if I refuse to allow you to be the creator of it instead of focusing on creating your own. Thanks.
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