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Originally Posted by joyfirst
I think treating your body with love is part of being present. If your back is not comfortable and you can change your position, then why are you resisting it? You can even make meditation out of this alone -feeling your body and releasing tension after observing and feeling it. I think Diana Richardson wrote about it in the book "Slow Sex", which is a book about making love with presence.
I know about those schools, that teach -No pain is no gain, but that is a very unpleasant belief to carry around.
I always change my position, when it doesn't feel good anymore. I honor my body's wisdom.

The reason discomfort plays a part in meditation is people become conscious of their psychological reactivity which lies at the heart of suffering, and it's an opportunity to strengthen mindful equanimity. There is no suffering as long as the mind is balanced and stable. I.e. suffering is psychological. When one is peaceful with discomfort, then they become strong enough to endure process of healing or purification. People avoid the kinds of trauma experienced as emotional storms, but these have to be allowed through, and allowing it all is the same in essence as being at peace with pain. The physical pain itself is symptomatic of blockage in the system, as it feels so solid and hard like that. It is like e the surface manifestation of the subtler aspects of emotional condition. To be at peace with pain is quite central to the meditation/healing/purification process.
It isn't no pain no gain. There is a reason and a logic behind it all. I don't know if I'm making sense though. I don't think avoiding arising discomfort is the same as treating it with love. Quite the contrary I would think.
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