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Linen53, the best thing is not to do any research on this topic.

You can either believe or not believe at all. And the Ego thoughts will do everything from preventing you from discovering the truth.

You will basically search for the validation of what he is writing about by using judgement.
And judgement, used personally against someone, enforces the ego. and this leads to denial of the spirit.

I have as well made researches on Lobsang, but of course now i wish i haven't done it.
(but at least there was the experience and recognition of what is going on, how it impacts the belief, how the ego plays etc etc)

I haven't readed that book yet, (as i was interested in his 'You forever' but of course then researches lowered the interest in it.)
And after that i have found 'Free Zone Earth' and their self clearing, which i have tried out, but stopped it of the unexpected troubles.

Yes now i have more understanding, what was happening but then i found the 'Course in Miracles'

And now i'm almost 5 years on it. Still learning and learning.

Instead of doing researches, i should be doing the exercises - As the course says, there are many ways to God.
God is Love, and therefore so am I. What is not of God, has no power to do anything. now with Desktop mates
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