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sleep walking and other things

my family said i would sleep walk all the time to perfection and leave the home to then continue even into dangerous roads. the one who would find me would say it was as if i was being instructed on how to walk and when to stop (but then could i really have been sleep walking?), other times giving older siblingsfright as i would pass the window, and not be in my bed no more, had to run out to get me back in. i do remember a kind of voice (telepathy) just before an accident was to happen telling me i would be alright .

another thing is that i remember waking up few times and seeing hands and arms out of nowhere trying and touching me. (one theory i have is that we are shown to spirits when we meditate or sleep state/meditative state, as a glow so they wish to touch it). i knew they weren't real. i would years later feel the same in a friends home that was known to have ghosts in it but i was never afraid. when being a child and seeing those partly arms and hands i would sit up in the bed and felt disoriented. look real close and around me. trying to understand. i kind of still get the same disorientation after having felt a spirit or energy or what it now is and when seeing sometimes one reality on top of another til it goes away. I would have that alot before I came too as a child. One reality on top of the other. Does that make sense? the feeling too as if my other eyes were open in this other reality before my real eyes were open. before i knew ok it is not my eyes that are open.

there has been times when i have still seen one reality on top of another and have then been connected to someone elses sleep, dreams, one time a young man who went barking into my bedroom to look for something and by his looks i would later see he was the former son of the former owners of the home i was living in. another it was someone close to me having a spirit visit in the dream and me feeling high notion of alarm.

lots of times it feels as if my body is resting in one position but then before this disorientation goes away i realize that position is not at all how I am sleeping.

when I know I am disoriented like that i always wait and try to be as still as i can and ground myself.

the worst my family said was when i would kind of slip into another state. i remember feeling just before that now it is going to happen. i would experience much then. as i got older it vanished.

does anyone know what i am mentioning? Have you had it yourself? someone you know? curious to know perhaps all the above is just normal and not paranormal
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