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Originally Posted by sky123
I think your service to all sentient beings will fetch you real and immense grace from God

Hahaha. Nice to hear from you sky. Yeah, service to other sentient beings is a good beginning. It's like the training period where one learns to serve another without expecting anything in return. But the real test arises when one has the extremely rare opportunity to serve One equivalent to the Buddha, whom I consider to be a human form of God, and who has the power to grant you anything you wish. Then, all your training is put to test. Because if the aspiration for fruit hasn't been wiped out from the mind by then, one will definitely crave for some kind of benefit, whether it be spiritual or material.

Where I come from, it's not unheard of for spiritual seekers to practice harsh austerities for a lifetime, only to settle for some supernatural powers known as siddhis along the way. The ultimate attainment lies beyond all such boons, no matter how alluring they may seem to be. I call it God's grace. You may call it something else.
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