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I would send you a link to my channelings, but I don't know how (embarrased cough...). If you go to the Channeling section, and then go to Channeled Messages, last week I posted one called, what does your guide(s) say about 2012? which was a channeling I got in relation to another thread...I also receive another one this morning on the same topic...

I went to your website yesterday and poked around at bit. I did not have time to read the channelings yet, but I am excitedly looking forward to it. There is a lot of cool stuff on there, and I got sidetracked by the crystals section...

I am also looking forward to reading the book you mentioned, but I have one that is on its way to me that I promised myself I would finally read, so since I am stepping outside my comfort zone to read it, I really shouldn't distract myself too much (I am so good at avoiding!!!) I ordered Seth's Dreams, Evolutions, States of Consciousness - or something like that - and it has to do with astral journeys, none of which I remember taking, but am assured I do so every night when I sleep. I am still on the fence on whether I want to try this or not, but it seems I am being guided in this direction, so I will see what feelings I get when it gets here.

I love your channelings and they feel good to me, they sign through my soul, so to speak, so thank you and I am so looking forward to them. Today I have played too long in my own vortex of things, and I must move on with my day - my son's band is playing at a venue this afternoon and I have a lot to do first.

Look forward to your thoughts on the shift channeling I received....

Love and Light.
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