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I remember, it was when I was in my last year of high school. It was one of the weirdest experiences in my life. I'm not sure what exactly it was.

It started to wake me up for a week at 2:22 am every day. It felt as if something was throwing water on me when it woke me up. However, It wasn't cold. It was just an overwhelming feeling. When I awoke, I was scared. The tv, that I always left on for comfort had turned to static. It never does that on a daily basis. Whenever the cable goes out, the screen turned blue. I heard my hamster make sounds I'd never heard. It shrieked and bounced around the cage like never before. I could feel it's presence in my room, and was scared. So I told it to leave. When it left, it closed the door, the tv went back on, and the hamster relaxed all simultaneously. This continued in the same order every 2:22 am in the morning.

The third or fourth time, I could sense it coming my way, weird enough. So i blocked myself, scared once more. It pushed open my door, coming straight for me. My hamster made it's sounds and the tv did it's thing. I felt it overwhelming me, circling me like crazy fast. I cried, still defending myself. Then I screamed at it to leave me alone. And like that it left and closed the door.

I've had much experience with ghost, but nothing like this. Does anyone have any ideas of what it ever was? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for reading! :)

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