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Originally Posted by theophilus
I just read what it said. If he had been gone since the age of ten they wouldn't have wondered how he knew what he did.
They would have assumed he had spent time studying somewhere. It was only because they had seen his life that they know he hadn't had the opportunity for this.
Thanks for getting back...I see your point about the leaving at ten before the teaching at 12.

But, I'm thinking he still could have disappeared for 18 yrs -and people
could have still made those comments - not knowing there was so much knowledge in others places. 18 yrs is along time, wow.

(I don't care either way and I don't know anything...just another possibility.)
I 100% know that knowledge from 'above' can be infused or 'downloaded' into us.

Either way do you think it makes a difference?

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I have no scientific evidence for anything I say.
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