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Originally Posted by inavalan
You may receive a lot of advice ... which to believe? Truth isn't decided by majority. The only exit from this dilemma I know, is to get in touch with your inner knowledge for guidance. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Surely, you have to leave behind all your existing beliefs, and not to distort the messages you receive.

There are no demons other than the ones you create yourself through your beliefs and expectations. There aren't many who NDE and report hellish experiences. I believe you're misinformed about that.

One of the main reasons you're here, alive, now, is to learn to not be afraid, as you can't function in the afterlife as long as you're afraid. Over there (as well as over here) your fear creates nightmarish situations. They won't do anything to your soul, but you won't be able to function over-there.

I really should! I have felt that feeling of inner knowing before and in those moments, my beliefs felt truly unbreakable! I would meditate and receive amazing answers and all of it was just through knowing. I also felt an intense feeling of warmth and love. Maybe that's the space I need to be in! I noticed whenever I'm in a more grounded and positive state, I don't worry about such things.
Thank you so much!
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